Fighting Cancer With Attitude

By Batool Hashim, Cancer Survivor
Dealing with the News


The moment a person hears they have cancer; they feel shock, disbelief, anger, grief, depression and other negative

However I felt relieved.I now knew the condition I was suffering from.
I knew it would only get better with time. I guess it’s harder to accept for people with less obvious symptoms than

I had. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s better to accept it. It makes life easier for you. Another thing is and it

took me a long time to realize is you could have done nothing, nothing to avoid it. This advice is gold. People living

completely healthy lives are still susceptible to getting cancer. Most cancers are chromosomal defects which are a

tiny part of your cells, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Dealing with Chemotherapy 

Nothing can prepare you for your first
chemotherapy session; it will frustrate, agitate and aggravate you. However this will pass. Just take it one day at a

time. Think of yourself as a soldier and the cancer as your enemy. You are fighting the most important battle of

your life. The side effects of chemotherapy are your battle scars, wear them with pride. You are a hero. Be an

inspiration for yourself and others around you.

Al Sidra Center’s Role
Al Sidra Center has been a great support to me. It was amazing to talk to survivors and people in a similar

situation as me. Karen, Shebina , Fay and other staff and volunteers make you feel very special.
I highly recommend that you make an
appointment to see Altaf the psychotherapist to get a positive attitude towards the cancer
I was pleasantly surprised when I visited Al Sidra Center and you will be too!